US Completes Evacuation of Embassy in Afghanistan as Flag Comes Down at Diplomatic Compound

In an embarrassing and disastrous moment under the Biden administration, the American flag at the US embassy in Kabul was taken down on Sunday, marking the final step in the evacuation of the diplomatic compound as the Biden administration rushed another 1,000 troops into Afghanistan to manage the sudden departure of embassy personnel as the Taliban roared towards the city.

The US scrambled to evacuate staff and top officials from its embassy in Afghanistan Sunday as Taliban fighters entered the city, senior Afghan government officials fled the country and gunfire was heard at the Kabul airport, multiple sources reported.

As the Taliban calls the United States and President Joe Biden’s bluff in Afghanistan, the United States has now surged 6,000 troops back into the country amid an embarrassing situation.

America bolstered its military posture in the country as Afghan officials handed over the Presidential Palace in Kabul to the Taliban, a transition carried live on the television network Al Jazeera, which report that three Afghan officials were present at the ceremony.

As of Monday morning the US had airlifted about 500 embassy staff from Afghanistan out of 4,000 employees. US Citizens and Afgans waiting for evacuation in the country a defense official told CNN.

The official said that the 4,000 total did not include family members of Afghan embassy employees. The US Plan for those family members wasn’t clear and the State Department did not immediately respond for comment.

What a disaster America.

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