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UPDATE: Statement from Christine Ford’s Attorney (She had no plans to ever testify America)


Christine Ford’s attorney made a statement on her behalf tonight. She never had any intentions to testify. This just blew up in the face of the Democrats as they tried to stall the nomination and appointment of Judge Kavanaugh until after the midterms. What you will read below is pathetic partisan politics at it’s finest.

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Jerrie Williams
Jerrie Williams
2 years ago

Sorry, but if she doesn’t show up for the scheduled meeting on Monday, then go to a vote and be done with it! She had a chance and now those demofuc bastards are playing games! I hope Grassley doesn’t cave to the dems request for investigation by FBI! I agree Matt, they never had any intention of moving forward with her testifying! This is all political bull shit and I am quite tire of the games they play!

2 years ago

Yes they need to vote to send the message play time is over. If they want play games they need to still follow proper procedure. I sure hope this all goes in front of the Supreme Court someday! lol.

Dorinda Soto
Dorinda Soto
2 years ago

She, Feonstein and the resto of the ganga should go yo jailbreak. Confirm Kavanaugh NOW!

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