UPDATE! Nebraska Elementary Principle That Banned Christmas and Jesus Suspended

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In a story that America First Media brought you yesterday, an Elkhorn, Nebraska elementary principle banned Christmas and Jesus from her school. My how the tide has turned as as she has been suspended.

According to KETV.com in Omama, the principal of Manchester Elementary in Elkhorn is on administrative leave after sending a directive to staff to ban certain religious Christmas decorations in the classrooms.

District spokesperson Kara Perchal said Jennifer Sinclair is a new principal and did not consult with administrators about school policy concerning the handling of religious holiday themes.

The organization, Liberty Counsel got wind of the principal’s memo and sent a demand letter to the superintendent of Elkhorn Public Schools asking the district to lift the Christmas ban.

Elkhorn Public Schools District administration promptly addressed the issue at Manchester Elementary School regarding the memo that was sent by the principal to Manchester elementary staff. The memo does not reflect the policy of Elkhorn Public Schools regarding holiday symbols in the school. The District has since clarified expectations and provided further direction to staff in alignment with District policy. This issue was limited to Manchester Elementary School and did not arise at any other schools within the District.”

Perchal said, “As of this morning, Principal Sinclair has been placed on administrative leave. Due to the fact that this is an ongoing personnel issue, the District cannot comment further.”

Perchal also said the district is receiving a “high volume” of phone calls from people with “concerns.” She said the calls do not rise to the level of hate calls or threats and police have not been called.

However, in an email to parents the district said, “As an added safety measure and in an act of extreme precaution, Officer Miller will be present at the school throughout the coming days.”

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Mike a.k.a. Proof
3 years ago

Matt: The word your headline writer is looking for is “principal”.