UPDATE: CPS Whistleblower Found, Shaken Up After Scare

As we reported late Thursday night Child Protective Services Whistleblower Kathy Hall had went missing.

Thanks to patriots coming together she has been found. It appears intimidation tactics were used to try to silence Kathy. Here is what we know.

The following is from investigative Journalist Patrick Howley:

Kathy Hall is ALIVE in Washington, D.C. She had some kind of experience that was disturbing, I will update in about half an hour.

Glad to be tagged in, and pursue this to conclusion — still not resolved yet until I get the full story.

Kathy Hall is ALIVE but I’m hearing “they tried something” and I will have the full story when she is ready.

Lots of people in the CPS Whistleblower community are experiencing horrific traumatizing things right now. But the community has strength in each other.


Kathy is in Washington, D.C. telling her story to those that have asked her to speak about her experiences.

When Kathy is ready to tell her story, we will have it for you right here at The DC Patriot!

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Robert Cat
Robert Cat
2 years ago

Some background to this story would be nice. Who is Kathy Hall?

2 years ago

Hi is there any more information on Kathy?