UPDATE: Benghazi Hero Suspension Takes Turn

Kris Paronto has been locked out of his Twitter account for seven days.

No response yet to a direct message to Twitter support from Paronto’s agent Judy Wilkinson from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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3 years ago

This is called hypocrisy. I guess those at Twitter Heaven are closer to God than us poor White Privileged Americans. White Privileged should be “Hate Words”, I worked 40+ years and paid taxes for what I have that was my privilege.

3 years ago

Surely a hero from Benghazi should be allowed to state his case. Was he one of the guys left for dead by Obama & Hillary who could not be contacted for 6 hrs while this incident took place? Was he one of the guys hoping for support from his combat mates only to learn later that they had been stood down and were not allowed to fly in to help. Who issued the stand down order?