Unrest in the Middle East is all a Part of the Globalist Plan

If you take a look at recent history, you saw wars being fought in the Middle East during each president’s term from Bush Sr until now… except for Donald Trump. Each of those presidents were and are globalists. So when we had peace in the Middle East during Trump’s presidency, it was almost like clockwork when Afghanistan fell to the Taliban once Biden took office. It’s almost as if this was too perfect. The question is, could this all be a part of the globalists’ plan?

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Americans are in shock with what’s going on in Afghanistan and the Middle East. It’s almost like we’ve time travelled 20 years to pre-9/11 days of the Taliban running Afghanistan. Seriously, we are talking about the Taliban again. However, when you take a step back and look at the big picture, this is not shocking at all. In fact, it’s to be expected.

One of the weaknesses of the Conservative movement is that we are reactionary. We allow the Left to dictate the issues being discussed, and then we simply give the alternative viewpoint. In a sense, we are doing nothing but being the resistance against the agenda-setters. The Globalists have used this to their advantage.

When it comes to the issues surrounding the Middle East and Afghanistan, I think we’ve taken peace in that region for granted under President Trump’s time in the White House. Why is it that we found ourselves fighting war and war under Bush Sr, Clinton, W, Obama and now Obiden, but under Trump we had a time of peace?

There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, President Trump negotiated his foreign policy from a position of strength. He was just crazy enough where our enemies believed that if they crossed him, he might actually push that red button and wipe them off the face of the earth. When it comes to Joe Biden, they don’t even believe that he can wipe himself.

The other reason is that each of the presidents involved in Middle East wars have been pawns of the Globalists, if not Globalists themselves. Chaos in that region is extremely important to their plans. Obviously, there’s the financial benefit, as they are making money hand over first anytime there are wars. There’s a more sinister motivation, however…

Creating chaos in the Middle East is key to usher in the New World Order. If you notice, the way that the elites always work is that they provide solutions to the chaos that they, themselves, create. We’ve seen that with virtually every Democrat policy, from systemic racism to healthcare to election fraud to COVID-19. This is standard procedure.

So how does the Middle East play into this?

The Globalist Elites want a Great Reset. They want to consolidate power so that they, and only they, can rule the entire world. This was predicted in the Book of Revelation. However, they cannot do this during good times and times of peace. They must have chaos in order for the people to beg for this New World Order.

That’s where Afghanistan comes into play. My belief is that they want the Taliban to be in charge. They want chaos. They are trying to incite war. Jesus, Himself, predicted this in Matthew 24:6-7, when He stated, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…”

Once they create enough chaos, they’ll come in and unveil their plan to solve all of our problems. They’ll fix COVID-19, corrupt governments, inflation and even wars. They’ll have the plan for world peace. They’ll usher in their Great Reset and the New World Order. If they accomplish this, don’t be shocked if the anti-christ reveals himself.

However, we don’t know the timing of God’s plans for the End Times. This could be it, or it could just be a foreshadowing that God, Himself, will thwart. Who knows? All I know is that we have to take a step back from the reactionary politics that we typically find ourselves in and take a look at the big picture. There’s definitely something sinister going on…

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Dr CD Camp
Dr CD Camp
1 year ago

I agree. Another part of the overall plan of the Army of Darkness is to bleed the middle class dry, then confiscate guns, then property…using Communist China’s godless playbook: took over in 1949, 100 year plan to dominate the world, 1954-5 destroyed middle class (called them pigs and dogs [“deplorables?”]) and confiscated all private property = tyranny, starvation, grew their elite ruling robot class, took their show on the road (belt & road). Stand strong, fear not, trust in Jesus!