UNREAL: Fox Business Has CANCELLED Lou Dobbs Tonight, It’s Highest Rated Program

Reports from multiple sources including the LA Times are saying that Fox Business has cancelled star anchor Lou Dobbs for his America First beliefs.

The 45th President of the United States was a massive fan of Dobbs, and Dobbs the President’s as well. Dobbs was one of very few hosts who stood by the President and continued to defend him and fight for Americans everywhere.

Dobbs wasn’t shy about criticizing immigration, globalism, free trade, and billionaires and was loved by millions of viewers.

Dobbs’ career in news goes back decades, with the host starting as an on-air personality on CNN long before the channel became affiliated with left-wing politics. Dobbs moved to Fox in 2010.

Dobbs was the host of the most highly rated program on the Fox Business channel, which makes you question why would they cancel him unless it’s political and they don’t agree with his views.

This is absolutely sickening what we are seeing from the media and big tech as they continue to cancel those who don’t toe the line.

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1 year ago

Another wrong move by FOX but else is new!! Guess they were always LIBERALS!! Well, not all of the anchors!!

1 year ago

I hope to see Mr. Dobbs soon, elsewhere. Check out OAN!!!