Unplug and Rethink

From the inception of this “pandemic” we witnessed the media promote fear like a Tyson fight and it was primarily based off of the plethora of positive PCR tests results. For the better part of a year, many lived in fear over the reported high numbers of Covid-19 being force fed to us by the main stream media. We took our magic virus repellants out of our pockets, and we placed them over our faces like a muzzle, oh and don’t forget we had to stand the “life saving” six feet apart because 5′ 11″ was still considered the “danger zone.”

Magically, on the day of Biden’s inauguration, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) announced concerns that the cycle thresholds of PCR tests being used was too high. Simply put, there was a high probability of a large number of false positive tests. No one went back and made any adjustments to the previously reported numbers that induced nation wide fear, they just quietly changed how PCR tests were evaluated and just like that, we saw over a 70% reduction rate in Covid-19 cases. Which makes one wonder, would the previous months of positive tests be reduced by 70+ percent as well, if the W.H.O would have had their epiphany during the Trump administration?

It’s clear, the reported numbers on Covid-19 are grossly inaccurate to say the least. Despite numbers being played with like children’s toys, it’s been reported the vast majority of people have a 99+% chance of surviving Covid-19 and that’s without treatment. For the sake of argument, lets say virtually everyone has a 90+% chance of surviving Covid-19, this being the case, why in the hell would people line up in masses to take part in what many have called a “human experiment” by taking a vaccine that was created by a computer nerd? In reality, anytime a government asks me to stand in line for anything, I’m likely going to run the other way. If you’re unsure why, find a Jewish or a Native American friend and ask them about humans being forced in lines, they have some perspective. Regardless of my opinion, I support freedom of choice so at least if you choose to get the vaccine and something goes wrong, we have a justice system in place to protect against wrongdoing, so you could sue and maybe get 27 million dollars for your troubles. Except for the part where vaccine manufactures have full liability protection so regardless of what happens with this experimental vaccine, you’re on your own.

Many health experts have weighed in about the dangers of these vaccines that were rushed to production. Although most likely under reported, we are hearing about many dangerous side effects occurring world wide. At the very least, prior to thinking a face diaper will actually protect you from any virus, and you possibly becoming the brunt of a vaccine infomercial 10 years from now; maybe unplug for a bit and do some research before you rush to get a needle in your arm. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m just wanting to promote rational thinking, which for the time being, is still free and untaxed.

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