UNPLANNED: A Millennial’s Review – Should you go?

First: Why is it rated R?

Unplanned consists of a few graphic accurate representations of abortions. I counted only two very short scenes that were graphic.

Why should you go?

Unplanned is a 1 hour 50 minute movie that details the life of Abby Johnson from the time she was recruited as a college student through her progression through the ranks of Planned Parenthood to become the employee of the year.

The movie is thorough in its representation of both sides of the abortion spectrum. It shows both protesters and advocates of abortion. It rightfully shows both peaceful and harassing pro-lifers (yes, there are lunatics on the right too). It shows the forgiving nature of pro life organizations and portrays the ease that individuals should (and can) be able to retrieve additional opinions from alternative organizations to Planned Parenthood that can help if they are searching for it

It also portrays the individuals who come through the doors at Planned Parenthood. Throughout the movie, it is easy to see how an individual can think that abortion is the best option. When you put yourself in the shoes of the target market for the clinic, less financially secure than most, it can be understandable why someone would head the direction of Planned Parenthood. The movie illustrates the individuals and is appropriate for the viewpoint.

Planned Parenthood is pictured as a business using old school tactics to grow and promote their services. “Used car salesman” techniques that are used to provide “savings” and entice individuals to sign the dotted line and proceed with their abortion. Saving money is crucial to the patients and Planned Parenthood exploits that.

Ultimately, the movie illustrates the ability to find alternatives other than Planned Parenthood. Building awareness to these other options and the help that these organizations can provide is key to providing individuals the comprehensive portfolio of options that they should be provided in making an educated decision.

Attending this movie and gathering the perspective of Abby Johnson and her experiences at Planned Parenthood. You will gain perspective on the organization and understand the inner workings of their model. A greatly informative movie that provides comprehensive sides of the abortion industry.

You should go see the movie. You should bring your teenagers to see the movie. The movie’s benefits of information heavily outweigh the two graphic scenes. It also helps you understands the positioning and mentality of individuals on all sides of the Planned Parenthood debate.

You can find showtimes at your local theater here.

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