University of Arizona Will Not Require Masks at Outdoor College Football Games Athletic Director Announces

University of Arizona football fans will have the choice of whether they want to wear a mask or not, as it should be this football season. Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke made the announcement during Wednesdays State of the Department Address.

Heeke assured the fans that the university’s face-mask covering policy does not apply to the stadium, as it is located outdoors.

“As it stands with the university, through their recommendations and mandates, we will follow their lead, like the rest of the campus, at this point is masking in indoor facilities,” Heeke said. “For outdoor, large events, there is not that requirement.”

The Athletic Director did state that masks will be required in the indoor sections of the stadium, which made liberals everywhere cheer with glee, as they just love to be ruled with an iron fist.

Fans can wear masks if they choose in the stands, or not, that’s up to them. After all, if your vaccine and mask work, why should you worry about those without it?

Arizona will face San Diego State University in its first home game on Sept. 11. Kick-off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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