United Nations Emergency Special Session an Absolute NOTHING BURGER as UN is Toothless Tiger Funded by US Tax Payers

The United Nations met on Monday for only the 11th ever Emergency Special Session over the Russian invasion of Ukraine in which the Kremlin says they are fighting against Nazism and to demilitarize the threat of the Ukraine to Moscow.

Eleven member nations voted in favor of the resolution, with Russia voting against it. China, India, and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) abstained from the vote and did not vote. Proving that three of the worlds largest powers, China, Russia, and India do not support the measures.

Previously, Russia used its veto power to shut down a vote by the Security Council, but the nations was not able to veto Sunday’s action because of a long-standing resolution allowing certain General Assembly meetings to be called around member vetoes. After Sunday’s vote, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that “Russia cannot and will not veto accountability.”

The procedure is allowed under a 1950 resolution called “Uniting for Peace.” It allows member of the Security Council to seize the General Assembly for a special session if the five permanent members, Russia, United States, Britain, France and China, fail to agree among themselves to act together to maintain peace.

The move was sparked by Russia on Friday using its veto to block a Security Council resolution that condemned Moscow’s invasion and called for the immediate withdrawal of its troops.

Only the support of nine of the council’s 15 members is required to call an emergency special session of the General Assembly. Eleven countries voted in favor, Russia opposed, while the United Arab Emirates, China and India abstained.

The discussion is expected to highlight the extent of Russia’s isolation in the international community over the invasion of Ukraine.

Thomas-Greenfield said, “The council members who supported this resolution recognize that this is no ordinary moment. These are issues that affect all member states and now in the General Assembly they can all make their voices heard on Russia’s war of choice.”

“To the Russian officers and soldiers, I say the world is watching,” she added. “Photographic and video evidence is mounting, and you will be held to account for your actions. We will not let atrocities slide.”

The meeting was requested by French President Emmanuel Macron, but in the grand scheme of things without the support of Russia, China, and India, it’s going nowhere, as American tax payers continue to pay for the worthless United Nations.

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