United Methodist Church Gears Up for Full Official Affirmation of LGBTQ

February 23rd, 2019 is growing near, and it marks a special session of the General Assembly of the United Methodist Church.

The gathering of denominational leaders, bishops, and clergy to deliberate the issue of homosexuality and other sexual perversions present in the church.

In 2016, the church asked a council of Bishops to begin putting together a LGBTQ inclusion plan for the denomination and in 2018, the One Church Plan was unveiled.

The plan according to the church has the majority support of the denominations bishops. On February 23rd, the plan will actually be voted on by the leaders of the church. According to the church, it’s expected to pass almost unanimously.

The Methodist church has always been somewhat apostate and they do not stand on the scriptures as their authority nor do they hold to an orthodox view of Christ. To them, God is a “sin affirming” God who accepts people just for who and how they are, without repentance.

“If we have affirmed the One Church Plan but do not interpret or define it, it will be defined by those who do not support it — on the right and the left,” said Bishop Kenneth H. Carter Jr., one of the contributors to the new site onechurchplan.org.

“This is fundamental to our teaching office and our promise to seek unity.”

“The bishops will preside over very important and delicate deliberations,” said the Rev. Jorge Acevedo on Twitter. “On my estimation, it does not foster a culture of trust.”

Acevedo, lead pastor of the multi-campus Grace Church in southwestern Florida, is a member of the Commission on a Way Forward. The commission has concluded its nine meetings but will be making a presentation at the special General Conference.

He told United Methodist News Service that another concern he has is for fellow traditionalists around issues of homosexuality.

“The bishops’ strong advocating for the One Church Plan says to many traditionalists that a large number of bishops do not see a place for those of us who hold these sexual values as issues of conscience in the bishops’ vision of the future of the United Methodist Church,” he said by email.

What are your thoughts on the Methodist Church accepting the LGBTQ as it relates to what the Bible says?

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