UNDER FIRE: Filmmaker Michael Moore accused of stiffing and smearing vendors ‘All I want to do is be paid’

Filmmaker Michael Moore is under fire today as he has been accused of not being the man he is perceived to be. Moore, known as a multimillionaire filmmaker, and a champion of the people by his constituents, may not be that man.

The famed documentarian, whose new film ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ is out this month, stands accused of not only failing to pay his film-fest bills, but smearing his vendors in the press.

Critics of the documentarian are calling hypocrisy, insisting that Moore’s conduct is at odds with his reputation as a champion of the people. Boston Light & Sound, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival. In the claim, BL&S stated that a total payment of $256,500 had been due by September 30, 2017, for their work on the 2017 film festival.

Chapin Cutler, the President of Boston Light & Sound, a 13-year Film Fest collaborator, “said his 2017 contract with Film Fest, totaling $256,500, was comparable to past contracts and pricing has not changed,” the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported. In April 2018, Michael Moore revealed that the Traverse City Film Fest “ran a rare deficit last year.”

“It became apparent the festival had overextended,” Cutler alleged. “The festival’s eyes were a bit bigger than their finances could handle, and we were the people left standing, holding an invoice.”

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