UNBELIEVABLE: MSNBC Host Advocates for Slaughter of Unborn Babies of Color (VIDEO)

A sickening display on air with MSNBC host Maya Willey arguing that abortion is after than giving birth to a baby for “Black” and “Native American,” and “Latina” mothers. Unbelievable that someone can be this naive and uneducated on a subject. Wow, Just Wow.

Wiley made the comments as the oral arguments to possibly overturn Roe v. Wade were being argued in Dobbs v. Jackson in the Supreme Court by the Mississippi State Attorney General.

Our good friend Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes chimed in on his show, The Todd Starnes Radio Show:

“So basically, this woman is justifying the slaughter of any unborn baby of color,” Todd Starnes said. “She’s a monster.”

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Natural Selection is still working as intended.