UNBELIEVABLE: Dr. Fauci Says that Covid Vaccines May Actually Make People ‘Worse’ and ‘It Would Not Be the First Time’ (VIDEO)

In an interview that you probably didn’t watch or pay attention to because you have a job, are a conservative Christian, and have priorities like children and spouses, Dr. Fauci said the unthinkable about two weeks ago.

Dr. Anthony Fauci sat down with ‘Meta’ CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and finally said out loud what many people have been warning you about for almost two years. He discussed the possibility that the mRNA vaccines could actually be bad for you and might make the Covid-19 pandemic worse.

Fauci was commenting on a recent study that showed Covid vaccines may actually make the recipient more likely to be reinfected than someone with natural immunity from a prior infection. Yes, he said this!


“This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse,” Fauci said. “There was the history of the Respiratory Syncitial Virus vaccine in children, which paradoxically made the children worse.”

Pause and read that again. Now consider all of the announcements made by “public health experts” that promised the “vaccines” were “100% safe and effective,” even for children who are at nearly zero risk.

Dr. Fauci wasn’t done yet, though. He went on to state another example that he was directly involved with where a treatment made individuals worse.

“One of the HIV vaccines that we tested several years ago actually made individuals more likely to get infected,” Fauci added.

The RSV vaccine was a disaster as well, check out what Reuters reported on it:

“In the late 1960s, children in Washington, DC received an RSV vaccine in which the virus was inactivated with formalin,” Reuters reported. “Eighty percent of the children given the shot were hospitalized with severe respiratory disease, and two died. Many scientists had thought the formalin was responsible for the vaccine’s problems, but the chemical has been used safely in other vaccines.”

“The problem, they report this month in the journal Nature Medicine, was that the children’s antibodies were not binding strongly enough to the inactivated virus to produce a protective immune response,” the report noted. “Instead, the antibodies were dragging the dead virus with them, triggering a massive attack by other arms of the immune system.”

It should be noted that in 2019, the NIH admitted that “we are still lacking a safe and effective RSV vaccine.” But it somehow developed a “safe and effective” Covid-19 vaccine in a matter of months?

You can read more on this from our friends at Trending Politics.

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