UNBELIEVABLE: Adam Schiff Makes Up What Trump Said in Transcript (VIDEO)

This is the damndest thing you will see all day.

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff literally lied and made up what President Trump said in the transcript between he and the Ukrainian President.

Congressman Minority Whip Steve Scalise hammered him on Twitter along with others.

“We have the transcript. So why did Schiff make up his own version of the call in a Congressional hearing?
Because he knows the transcript shows no quid pro quo or crimes.
Dems are literally making stuff up now because they have no legitimate reason to impeach @realDonaldTrump.”

This is unbelievable, watch the full video below.

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2 years ago

Do you understand what the phrase “in essence” means. It is telling you that he is going to rephrase what was said for a clearer meaning.

Lyn Lavelle
Lyn Lavelle
2 years ago

In a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING you don’t need a ” clearer meaning” you need the actual words that were the facts . Let us decide for ourselves what happened. Don’t put your own spin on it.