Ukraines Zelenskyy Orders Anyone Taking Russian Humanitarian Aid Jailed for up to 15 Years

When are people going to realize that everything you’ve been told about this war isn’t true at all, you’re being played.

Now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, has ordered anyone taking Humanitarian aid from Russia jailer for up to 15-years. What a super nice fella this guy with his Nazi battalions truly is..

Receiving, distributing Russian humanitarian aid in occupied territories to be considered collaborationism.

The law on collaborationism came into force on Aug. 16. According to it, acts of collaborationism will be punished by up to 15 years in jail.

“According to the Interior Ministry’s spokesperson Alyona Matveeva, a person can be convicted for urging people to support the Russian military, taking or distributing Russian humanitarian aid, or providing Russia with information about the Ukrainian military.”

“For example, if a person called to support the military of the Russian Federation or provided some information, took humanitarian aid (from the Russians – ed.) and distributed it – this is one punishment,” Matveeva said (as translated by Google). “If it is about some more serious actions of a person, for example, when a person’s collaborative activity had such an impact that someone died because of it – the term in this case can be more serious, even up to life imprisonment.”

Punishing people and threatening them with prison for receiving humanitarian aid is truly a new low.

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