Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Receives Official Notification of Insurance Termination for Flights in Ukraine as Russia Conflict Draws Near

As the situation intensifies between the Ukraine and Russia, the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has received an official notification from insurance companies to terminate the insurance of aircraft for flights in the airspace of Ukraine.

In this regard, UIA, at the request of lessors, sends 5 Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Spain while retaining other aircraft in the company’s fleet. In addition, 2 aircraft of the airline are scheduled for engine maintenance in Belgrade.

This is being done because they do not want to cover the losses if one were to be shot down if war breaks out, it’s another scary sign of just how close this is to popping off in Europe.

For many, it’s not that Russia wants war, but the Biden Regime continues to push that it’s coming, thus forcing Vladimir Putin’s hand to either back down, or look weak. A terrible mistake on Biden and his team, as Putin will not want to lose face to the world.

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