UK Police Plan to Boost LGBT Confidence With an Entire Fleet of Rainbow Squad Cars, Oh Goodie!

The police in the United Kingdom are now facing widespread criticism after they introduced an entire fleet of rainbow colored patrol cars into the streets in an effort they claim is to confront “hate crime” and “give confidence” to LGBT people.

You know, because nothing says I’m protected like a giant car that looks like a Bomb Pop driving around.

Julie Cooke, deputy chief constable of the Cheshire Police as well as the National Police Chief’s Council lead for LGBT issues, said the cars will be used for “normal policing patrol” in order to “show the community that we want you to come forward.” 

“If something is happening that you know isn’t right we absolutely want you to come forward,” she said. 

Cooke said the cars will still bear their police insignias, but decals will also feature “the rainbow side of things.” 

The rainbow side of things huh? So are they going to include gummy handcuffs for the officers so that policing can be more fun also? This is absolutely ridiculous, for the love of God.

The deputy chief claimed that the cost to replace standard patrol vehicles with rainbow versions “is quite minimal,” and argued that “the impact of seeing the rainbow is so huge.” 

But the “impact” may be perceived differently by different groups. 

“What the police appeared to have forgotten is that while the LGBT community may find the sight of the rainbow welcoming and inclusive, many others view it as a sign of oppression and hostility,” Catholic journalist, broadcaster, and commentator Caroline Farrow told LifeSiteNews in an email on August 25. 

“The police are supposed to apply the law without fear or favor and yet their adoption of LGBT insignia is telling various religious minorities and in fact anyone who opposes gender ideology that they will be treated with contempt,” Farrow said. 

While Cooke said the rainbow colors are “there to give confidence to our LGBT+ community” as well as “other underrepresented groups,” Farrow argued that “Far from inspiring confidence, the sight of the LGBT rainbow flag evokes a sense of dread and undermines important public confidence in the police, who can no longer be seen as impartial.” 

Farrow’s right, we’re all tired of having the LGBT agenda shoved down our throats. What ever happened to the “Stay out of our bedrooms” slogans from the 80’s and 90’s? Now it’s turned into, look at what I can do on all fours, and it’s revolting to the majority of the world.

Farrow predicted that while the colorful cars will likely have only “minimal impact on so-called ‘hate crime,’” they will probably “prove to be counter-productive, pouring further fuel on an already heated clash of cultures on issues of sex and sexuality.” 

“One can only imagine the outcry if police cars were to be painted with religious symbols, yet the rainbow remains sacrosanct!”  

According to Farrow, citizens in the UK who will now see rainbow-colored squad cars patrolling their neighborhoods have radical ideological lobbyists to thank for the change. 

Farrow said homosexual rights lobby group Stonewall, whose employees often act “as diversity consultants to provide training and advice by police forces across the country,” has “ideologically captured all of the UK’s public institutions.” 

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