UH-OH: Parler Hits #1 “News App” In the Apple App Store

After Twitter continued to ban conservative influencers over the course of the last three years that supported the President, it looks as though the camels back has finally been broken with the straw..

Parler, a new app that came out in late fall of 2018 has officially taken off. I was one of the first people to join parler, and it’s not a bad little app if I do say so myself.

“This is our victory as a community for free speech over the tech tyrants,” posted Matze. “This is a symbol that we want a Town Square for free discussion. We the people do not want to be told what to think, we do not want to be manipulated, and we want our data to be private. We reject technofascism and those who think they are the sole arbiters of truth. We reject their biased editorial panels, we reject their “fact checkers” and we reject censorship.”

Many people are now on Parler, including the likes of Senator Ted Cruz, Dan Bongino, Alex Jones, and others. Will liberals follow?

Parler prides itself on true free speech as our founders intended.

“That’s why I’m proud to join Parler,” said Cruz. “This platform gets what free speech is all about and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The following is from Business Insider who continues to try to paint Trump supporters as insurgents.

In the past, Trump supporters and the far right alike have turned to platforms like MeWeGab, and 8kun (previously 8chan). Under the promise of free expression they say isn’t afforded to them on mainstream platforms, users have joined these communities to organize anti-quarantine protests banned on Facebook and to more freely spout fringe views on white supremacy, conspiracy theories, and vaccinations.

What are your thoughts on the new platform?

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Penny Trupiano
Penny Trupiano
11 months ago

Ha! Fringe views indeed! Kinda hard to be a fringe when he’s my president.. as for the other crap people say there as Cruz said “free speech Parler gets how that works”. Im on Parler and it’s great to be able to have a channel of communication open that I’m not likely to be shut out of anytime soon or feel like I’m going to be hung out to dry with no contacts if I say something they don’t want to hear