U.S. Virgin Islands Governor OUSTS Attorney General After She Sues JPMorgan Chase and Accuses Bank of Covering Up Jeffrey Esptein’s Crimes: President Biden Visited Just Days Before Firing

A crazy story breaking out of the US Virgin Islands as the Attorney General was fired and ousted from her role just days after she filed a lawsuit accusing JPMorgan Chase of facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking schemes.

Attorney General Denise George filed the lawsuit without telling Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan first, the local newspaper reported.

Bryan confirmed he removed George from her job, saying in a statement:

“I thank her for her service to the people of the territory during the past four years as attorney general and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

The lawsuit, which was filed on December 27, alleges JPMorgan “knowingly facilitated, sustained, and concealed the human trafficking network operated by Jeffrey Epstein,” and “financially benefitted” from those actions, Insider’s Jacob Shamsian previously reported.

The lawsuit alleged the massive financial institution “turned a blind eye” to Epstein’s crimes for more than 10 years “because of the deals and clients that Epstein brought and promised to bring to the bank.”

A spokesperson for the bank told finance news website Benzinga: “The company ended its relationship with Epstein long before his ongoing misconduct became known. Since then, JPMorgan Chase has cooperated with investigations into Epstein and others.”

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Epstein died by alleged suicide in his prison cell in 2019 as the cameras went out and the guards fell asleep, if you believe that narrative.

His death led to other investigations into his more than 200 accusers and scrutiny of former associates. Another lawsuit from the Virgin Islands against Espstein’s estate, which George also filed, was settled with the estate and ordered to pay the government $105 million and half of the sale price of Epstein’s Little Saint James Island.

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