U.S. Marshals Searching for Four Missing Children from Mena, Arkansas, Manhunt Underway

Sad news coming out of Mena, Arkansas on Thursday evening. The United States Marshals are searching for four missing children from the city.

In January, Chad Voelkel was arrested and charged with Rape involving a minor. He is now on the loose with four children.

Voelkel skipped a plea negotiation hearing on May 21st, and his trial date on May 23rd. This is when Authorities discovered that Voelkel fled Arkansas with his wife Stephanie, and four of their six children. Two of the children had already been removed from the home by DHS because of fear Voelkel would possibly engage in molesting them.

“I believe these children are in danger,” Scott Sawyer, the Polk County Sheriff said.

“Two children that DHS felt like were at risk were kept out of the house so he doesn’t have them. He’s got 4 children. He’s had five months to plan his escape. He’s got money stashed away.”

Voelkel’s wife Stephanie had custody of the children, so she and her husband will not be charged with kidnapping, however both will be arrested according to authorities.

“She’s going to be charged. We felt like we had enough and the judge agreed to get a warrant issued to protect the children.”

This is a developing story out of Arkansas.

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