U.S. Judge Blocks Ohio Judges Order That Hospital Must Treat Covid Patient with Ivermectin Even As Patient is Out of Options

In the world of corruption, an Ohio hospital has one an appeal with a federal judge stating that they can’t be forced to treat a patient with Ivermectin.

The patient in question is on a ventilator and not expected to make it. So instead of trying alternatives, they’d rather just let the patient die. This is absolutely disgusting America.

Judge Gregory Howard had ordered West Chester Hospital to administer the drug ivermectin to Jeff Smith, as prescribed by his physician for 14 days. Now a federal judge has blocked that order, more than likely costing Smith his life.

Smith’s wife, Julie, had filed suite to force the hospital located outside of Cincinnati to begin giving her husband ivermectin. Smith, who’s 51-years-old, had been on a ventilator since August 1.

Judge Michael Oster reversed Howard’s order on Monday.

While “everyone involved wants Jeff Smith to get better,” Oster said, the medical community at large does not advocate the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

“No strong evidence by way of study or data analysis can, at this time, show that ivermectin should be recommended for Covid-19 treatment,” Oster said. “Based on the current evidence, ivermectin is not effective as a treatment for Covid-19.”

Keep in mind the hospital had told Smith’s wife that they couldn’t do anything else for her husband? How is this not criminal America?

UC Health, which runs the West Chester Hospital, welcomed the judge’s ruling.

“We respect the expertise of our clinicians and appreciate the scientific rigor used to develop treatments, medications and other therapies,” UC Health said.

“We do not believe that hospitals or clinicians should be ordered to administer medications and/or therapies, especially unproven medications and/or therapies, against medical advice.”

Ivermectin has been proven to work in countries like India where they prescribed it to their BILLIONS of residents in the largest country in the world and beat the Delta variant in about three weeks. India has a population that’s only 7.9% vaccinated, 68% have the antibodies, and they beat Covid with ease using Ivermectin.

Japan’s top doctor has now also recommended that Ivermectin be used after seeing the results in Africa and other nations.

But of course the FDA, medical community, Democrats, Mainstream Media, and corporate overlords only want to make sure you do what they say or die. It’s really that simple America. There’s no other logic being used here. Remember when President Trump signed the “Right to Try” act, where is that at right now for Americans?

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16 days ago

…so this judge is a doctor? or has consulted with a specialist, that isn’t named Dr.Fauci?

16 days ago

“Won” an appeal. Not “one” an appeal.

David E Gignac
David E Gignac
16 days ago

They want everyone injected with Big Pharma solution without questions and without recourse… why? What is in the vaccine that they want in your body and please don’t tell me it is about your health, not buying that bridge or the horse it rode in on.

I have got a used, mixed metaphor I will let go cheap.

Glenn Murray
Glenn Murray
14 days ago

I don’t understand????? I am a pharmacist and I am telling you that EVERYDAY, I see patients with prescripTions for patients to use that are OFF-LABEL USE for refractory conditions. Why would this be different? Why not try? Just going to let him die?

Look, I am NOT AN ANTI-VAXXER, and never will be, but I have never heard of physicians not being able to try anything at all. That makes NO SENSE to try nothing!!!!!!!!! Unethical, should be illegal, and damn straight should be litigious.

Corn Pop (@CornPop18)
11 days ago

Studies were done by scientists on this months ago, with very positive results but they are being silenced and ridiculed for spreading false information. The only false info being spread is that it is not effective for treating Covid 19. I’d sue the shit out of that hospital.