U.S. Based Journalist Being Extradited for “Crimes of Opinion”

A scary thought for a journalist to be extradited based on their reporting, but it’s happening right here win America.

That journalist is none other than Allan Dos Santos, who several weeks ago received an extradition order from the Brazilian government.

He is a U.S. based Brazilian journalist and he currently lives in Virginia. He is in the process of applying for political asylum do to the tyrannical and draconian nature of the request of his government.

The Supreme Court of Brazil is extraditing him based on “crimes of opinion”. I’ve attached a PDF detailing my involvement with Dos Santos. 

Why do they want him you might ask? Dos Santos had information on two felonies committed by two of the Court’s justices. So because they can’t stop him from putting out the information, now they want to lock him up and throw away the key.

The court is using their newly acquired power to wage war on what they claim is “fake news.”

However that’s not what they are doing, in actuality they are using these powers to silence media criticism. But mainly they want to silence Allan Dos Santos.

Dos Santos began using Bitcoin to survive as he was shut down everywhere by the government in Brazil. Unfortunately he was discovered by the site Sleeping Giants Brazil (SGBR) a group that “monitors” fake news on social networks. The profile released a print message with a message from the former blogger, claiming that Santos would be “desperate” to obtain resources.

They have shut down all of his social media except his Telegram channel. Here’s a tweet from the tyrannical government of Brazil.

“In the last few days, Allan has lost several online fundraising campaigns and now uses Bitcoin to earn money while he is in the US illegally and as a fugitive from the Federal Police,” said the tweet.

Here is a great summary of the issue by JR Nyquist. https://jrnyquist.blog/2021/10/26/why-the-brazilian-supreme-court-ordered-the-arrest-and-extradition-of-allan-dos-santos/

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