Tyson Foods Donates $13 Million to ‘Critical Needs’ for CoronaVirus

SPRINGDALE, Arkansas based Tyson Foods, Inc. announced Friday it will commit $13 million to support “critical needs” in the communities where the company operates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyson is the largest beef and poultry food processor in the World.

The company says the investment includes $2 million in community grants and more than $11 million worth of products donated since March 11.

The company’s Community Response Fund will distribute grants and food donations to non-profit organizations working to aid workers in Tyson Foods’ plant communities around the nation. 

“Investments will be focused on non-profit partners providing emergency response efforts such as rent and utility assistance, food distribution, health care, childcare, small business support and other economic recovery services,” Tyson said in a release on Friday.

Tyson said it has donated four million pounds of protein, valued at $11 million, since early March, and has expanded hunger relief efforts to include:

  • Product donations to the Tyson Community Pantry Program for local solutions to hunger.
  • Summer product donations to ensure the most vulnerable in Tyson communities have access to food during summer break.
  • Meal boxes to Tyson drivers who may have difficulty accessing food while on the road.
  • Semi-trailers with approximately 35,000 pounds of product deployed to Tyson plant locations for hourly team members and the community.

The company is also using $500,000 to bolster its “Helping Hands” program, which offers financial assistance to employees following a disaster or personal hardship.

Tyson is also offering to match some employee donations through its “Giving Together Program.”

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