TYRANTS! US House to Deliver Article of Impeachment to the Senate

Instead of working to combat the coronavirus and to get Americans back to work, your elected politicians are once again working to try to screw over former President Donald J. Trump after he served four years in office.

Trump did more in four years that most presidents have done in recent memory. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, creating record jobs, a roaring economy, the fastest vaccine created in the world’s history, rebuilt our military among many other things.

Trump is also the first President to not start a war in decades, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of hurt feelings and a good story, shall we?

On Monday evening, the US House will send an article of impeachment against former president Donald Trump to the Senate for his role in inciting the Capitol insurrection that occurred on January 6.

The House voted to impeach Trump for the second time on January 13 and the Senate is expected to begin its trial on February 8.

What are your thoughts America, had enough of these guys in D.C. yet?

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