TYRANTS: Twitter Suspends Christian Conservative Influencer Anna Khait for 3rd Time in a Week

The unbelievable censorship of big tech is on full display again this week as they’ve now suspended Christian Conservative Influencer, Anna Khait for the 3rd time in a week.

Khait, who hosts The Gathering Bride ministries nightly on YouTube and other platforms is known for preaching the word of God, and for fighting for President Trump and the American Republic. She’s a patriot, a dear friend, and the attacks on her are unjustified and horrendous.

I’ve known Anna for quite sometime now and can tell you she’s one of the most amazing and giving souls I’ve ever met. She literally fights so hard for God and Country, so watching her continuously censored is infuriating.

Here’s the tweet in question, because you can’t question anything under the Stalinlike tactics of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.

So let’s discuss this, shall we. You now your get your account suspended because you state that Joe Biden won what you feel was a fraudulent election? Since when isn’t it allowed to question the narrative, or question the government? Oh that’s right, it’s not allowed under a Democrat controlled platform like Twitter or Facebook. It’s not okay to disagree with them! They will only leave you alone if you hop right in line and follow them step for step. Mindless drones towards the political and big tech machine of tyranny.

Violated what rules? Disagreeing with Jack Dorsey? Because we sure can’t have free speech in America, that goes against everything these frauds have fought for the last year with a bogus pandemic, lockdowns, masks, and basically keeping Americans from congregating. That’s right America, they don’t want you discussing what’s happening to you, that’s the real fraud perpetrated on the American people. That’s why they try to silence Christian prophets and patriots like Anna Khait.

They want you to just be a sheep, following the other sheep, and not questioning anything. Failure to do so will lead you straight to the censorship gulags. Do as your told, or face the wrath of big tech.

As I was writing this article, Twitter tagged yet another one of Anna’s tweets, you can’t even make up this level of religious discrimination up at this point America.

When will those so called politicians stand up to the tyranny of big tech? They won’t unless we primary everyone of them in 2022, which is exactly what Anna and I, along with many of our influencer friends intend to do.

You’re on notice, every single one of you RINO’s (Republican in Name Only). We’re coming for you in 2022, and every single one of you that turned your back on God, America, and President Trump. WE THE PEOPLE are going to make sure that you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting.

Keep the Faith America, this too shall pass, and God always wins!

In the meantime, you can follow Anna on CloutHub and Gab @AnnaKhait and I encourage you to do so! You can also watch her nightly program praying for America at The Gathering Bride.

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