TYRANTS! Seattle Police Arrest Preacher for Reading His Bible Too Close to Gay Pride Event

A Seattle man was arrested for reading aloud the Gospel of Saint Matthew in a public park as a “Gay Pride*” event was taking place.

Matthew Meinecke, often referred to as a “Street Preacher,’ was on public property reading aloud from the Bible without the benefit of amplification when he was harassed and then arrested by Seattle’s finest.

So now it seems  the Seattle Police Department has apparently justified the “Defund the Police” movement.

Meinecke was also arrested last week for reading his Bible aloud near a pro-Moloch demonstration. While not sure what the facts were there, but according to reports, the Seattle city prosecutor does not plan on charging Meinecke for anything. This reveals the true purpose of the arrest was to silence Meinecke so the Gay Pride bunch wouldn’t be upset.

Too many conservatives have bought into the “back the blue” nonsense in response to the “defund the police” movement and BLM rioting. This is misguided. Police aren’t guarantors of freedom; they are the enforcers of the administrative state. Police unions and cliques of senior police officers are one of the major forces against gun rights. Time and again, you find the police cheerfully enforcing the most shameful regulations. During the “pandemic,” police in (at least) New York and New Jersey broke up funerals and gatherings in private homes. They arrested people in empty parks and on deserted beaches. They arrested people for not wearing masks. They arrested a lone surf boarder on a California beach. Their record on protecting the First Amendment rights of Christians is similarly checkered. Dearborn, Michigan, had to pay a substantial settlement because the police arrested Christian preachers outside the venue of a Muslim street fair. Earlier in “Pride” month, police in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho threatened to arrest Christian ministers presenting a message counter to the depravity going on. And now we have this.

The police are on the side of the people who write their checks. Period. If you think you can rely upon the police to act as abulwark for your rights in the face of a hostile government, you deserve whatever misfortune befalls you. If you want to support police departments that treat hooded Antifa thugs as a privileged class and street preachers as the enemy, you should probably reconsider your political philosophy. We should support law enforcement to the extent that they are keeping our communities safe. Beyond that, we owe them nothing. When they act lawlessly to keep Gay Pride exhibitionists from having their feelings hurt, they have forfeited the right to our support.

*​Pride, is fittingly, one of the Seven Deadly Sins and one that theologians have, across the centuries, declared to be the deadliest sin; celebrating this sin in conjunction with one of the four sins that, according to Scripture, “cries to Heaven for vengeance” seems appropriate.

​We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for contributions in this article.

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Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy
11 months ago

Faggots display free speech in these gay pride parades. The reason there is such an explosion of homosexuals is that these parades are held in public where children can see them. Children don’t know the hidden agenda these displays of flashy colors and the mental disorders represent. It looks like fun to children, and if there’s no opposition displayed to these events, then children are indoctrinated to believe it’s ok to be gay. Since, in some cities like Seattle, that have been so infested with homosexuals sane people are arrested for any speech that opposes these faggots display of free… Read more »

10 months ago

Freedom of speech!