Tyrants in U.S. Senate Pass Ukraine $39.8 Billion Aid Bill, Only 11 Republicans Vote No as Measure Passes 86-11 During America’s Worst Economy in Decades

On Thursday, the Senate approved legislation providing almost $40 billion of additional humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine, to bolster it’s defenses against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion. With the last aid package expected to run out this week, you can be sure it will be expedited to President Joe Biden for his signature.

This new approved legislation aid package is triple the amount of aid the U.S. has already committed to the war-torn country trying to beat back Russia’s invasion. It passed 86-11 with all 11 Senators opposing were Republicans.

The D.C. Spending machine continues to not give a damn about the American people as they continue to fund the tyrants in the Ukraine, who’ve got a massive history of embezzling money, fraud, and Nazi’s. If only they care this much for actual Americans.

Along with the $13.6 billion passed in March, this new aid package brings the total to almost $54 billion approved by Congress this year is about 81% of Russia’s 2021 defense budget. And it’s more than one-quarter the size of Ukraine’s re-war economy.

President Biden had urged to Congress to approve additional assistance to Ukraine swiftly as earlier authorities to provide military supplies to Ukraine were close to running dry. 

President Biden said, “Together with the contributions of our allies and partners, we will keep security, economic, food, and humanitarian assistance flowing to Ukraine, across the region, and around the world, and further strengthen Ukraine, both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table.”

The president also announced another package of security assistance providing more artillery, radars and other equipment to Ukraine.

“These weapons and equipment will go directly to the front lines of freedom in Ukraine, and reiterate our strong support for the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their country against Russia’s ongoing aggression,” the president added.

It is hard to believe that our elected legislators voted 86-11 to send another $40 billion to Ukraine, making almost $54 billion total to this point, while our country’s southern border is wide open, and they have declined to spend less than $20 billion to build the wall on our southern border and secure our country.

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