TYRANT: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio BANISHES Thomas Jefferson Statue from City Hall After 187 Years

In a move that only dictators and tyrants would love, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is banishing a statue of one of America’s Founding Fathers and Presidents from City Hall after almost two centuries of being there.

De Blasio is removing the statue of Founding Father and one of America’s greatest Presidents Thomas Jefferson.

The New York City’s Public Design Commission, each member of which was of course appointed by the crooked mayor, is planning to load the Jefferson statue to the New York Historical Society.

The Commission says they have listed the statue’s loan under its “consent” agenda, meaning the decision to remove the statue will not be open for public debate, according to the New York Post.

“The de Blasio administration will continue the progressive war on history as he, himself, fades away into a portrait on a City Hall wall,” Republican Councilman Joe Borelli told the Post. “I hope he is at least gone a couple hundred years before someone cancels him.”

The radical and insane Democrats sitting on New York cities progressive city council have been pushing to get the statue removed for over a year.

Democratic Councilwoman Debi Rose said last year that Jefferson’s ownership of slaves justifies his bust’s expulsion from City Hall. These people are truly insane America, truly insane. They are the bottom feeders of our society.

“His words are ‘all men are created equal’ but they were not matched by his action, which included the ability to sell, buy, mortgage and lease human beings,” Rose said in June 2020. Her comments came weeks after the court-adjudicated murder of George Floyd, which set off protests and riots across the country over alleged systemic racism and calls to “defund the police.”

Rose signed a petition along with four other council members for de Blasio to remove Jefferson’s statue from City Hall.

“He believed black people to be racially inferior, said black Americans and white Americans could not live peacefully side by side and he fathered as many as six children with a woman he enslaved,” Rose said of Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence. “I believe the New York City Council should neither ignore nor glorify this dark side of American history.”

So they’ll make statues to a man who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly and ask her if she wanted to die with her baby, but statues of our founding fathers must go. This is how delusional, sick, demented, and moronic Democrats in our society truly are.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Wire for contributing to this article.

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