TYRANNY: Twitter Censors Project Veritas Latest Pfizer Whistleblower Video

Complete and total tyranny as big tech giant Twitter has censored the latest Project Veritas Whistleblower video.

That’s right, free speech is dead in America as long as Democrats have any power, and its truly sickening. You can only believe their way, and the truth be damned!

Twitter has stopped the video which was up to 2.8 million views from playing, and put the label of “This Tweet is misleading, learn more about how vaccines work.”

Learn more about how vaccines work? How about the scientists and high level employees from Pfizer who were involved in creating them who are now coming forward Twitter? This is criminal the level of censorship we’re seeing in America. This is the level of Iran, North Korea, and China. It’s sickening.

You can see the censorship below.

We’ve attached the actual video below for you to watch! We won’t tolerate tyranny or censorship at The DC Patriot. Make sure you’re following us and our founder Matt Couch on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GETTR, Gab, Telegram, MeWe, and CloutHub, we won’t be censored! We will ALWAYS report and cover what our friends at Project Veritas put out, and will always PROUDLY stand beside them.


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