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TYRANNY: Tech Giants SUSPEND Publicly Traded BioTech Company That Created Covid-19 Treatment

The leftist media and powers that be are out of control as they try to rule Americans and keep us in a socialized lockdown society.

Tech giant Twitter just suspended the account of the publicly traded biotech company AYTU BioScience that created a novel COVID-19 treatment approach utilizing UV light in the lungs that President Trump was talking about.

On Thursday the Trump administration highlighted potential treatment for the coronavirus by blasting UV light on the lungs. The liberal media was aghast and mocked him all day Friday.

But this is not an unusual idea and one company AYTU Healight is working on a proposed prototype to treat the coronavirus.

On Saturday YouTube removed the AYTU Healight video on their COVID-19 treatment plan.

Saturday night Twitter then moved and suspended a publicly traded companies Twitter account because they’re the company the President of the United States was referring to about having a UV related cure for the coronavirus.

Are these tech giants working together to silence free information to the public from a legit biotech company trying to find a cure?

You can see the full program and how it can treat covid-19 HERE.

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