TYRANNY: Big Tech CANCELS Business Making Wooden American Flags

I can honestly say that I never thought we’d see a time in our nations history that it was frowned upon to love our country, love Old Glory, and to salute the American flag. But unfortunately in the liberal hell that America has become, that’s now the norm amongst liberals, media, and big tech.

Back in 2019, KSUI News in San Diego ran a great patriotic and heartfelt story about a local businessman and his son, James Staake, who opened a business making American flags that are mostly hand carved out of wood.

According to the report, he makes state flags as well.

These are fine patriotic works of art, with patriotic themes that honor our armed forces, the United States Constitution, and First Responders.

James recalls the story that KSUI News did, and one day he asked his six year old son, Max, what kind of business he wanted to start? Max replied, “I want to make American flags out of wood with you, and I want Mommy to put art on them.”

That wasn’t an unreasonable request since James Dad is a carpenter, and Max’s mom, Ginger was an artist, Ginger recalls thinking and saying.

Together they went and made their first flag and sold it to a family friend. IN just the first year in business the family sold over 400 flags. That’s when James and Ginger realized they had something. They left their regular jobs and went to work full-time with their six-year-old son. That’s when Your American Flag Store was born.

Now fast forward to February of 2021, and Big Tech is doing everything they can to stranglehold the company and stop them from being a business. Just because they are Trump supporters and conservatives.

The following is from WND News:

The Center for American Liberty, or CFAL, a nonprofit legal defense firm dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of Americans left behind by civil rights legacy organizations, is commendably defending Big Tech’s latest victim.

CFAL explained why they’re defending the founder and proprietor of Your American Flag Store: “This past January, PayPal decided to demonetize James and his business by freezing revenue due him. In total, PayPal is holding more than $35,000 of James’ money. Now, James finds himself in an impossible situation – unable to fulfill orders because PayPal is freezing, rather than transferring, funds from James’ customers to James.

“At the same time Facebook blocked James from running advertisements on Facebook. And if that wasn’t enough, Shopify removed specific flags from the Your American Flag Store’s website including the state flag of Texas and an American flag featuring President Trump.”

You may be wondering why Big Tech is doing this.

James asked and was told that the products he sells go against “community standards.”

Since when does the American flag go against community standards? Well if you’ve paid attention to what’s happening across America, it’s obvious that the American flag is terrifying to liberals, media, and big tech, so it’s no surprise they say it goes against community standards.

You can read the Demand Letter from CFAL HERE where they are demanding all of James funds be released so he can feed his family and do business.

What are your thoughts America? You can support Your American Flag Store here.

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