TYRANNY: Arkansas Judge BLOCKS State from Enforcing New Law That Would Ban Masks in Schools and other Municipalities

When did we start making laws from the bench America? Well that’s exactly what’s happening in the state of Arkansas as RINO (Republican in Name Only) governor Asa Hutchinson is working overtime to try to over-ride the elected state legislature in the state.

Arkansas, which is overwhelmingly red in its state House and Senate, voted to ban masks from schools, and stop the tyrannical masking of the states children. Unfortunately, the RINO governor wants his power back after being neutered by Bill 1002.

Hutchinson has now found a judge, a very liberal judge named Tim Fox, a Pulaski County Circuit Judge who on Friday issues a preliminary injunction against the law that Hutchinson himself signed in April.

The law was made by the people voted in by the people. Pretty simple right? So how is one man overruling the majority in a state? This isn’t a Constitutional Republic? This isn’t what our founders intended.

Hutchinson being the tyrant that he is, says the law needs changed to protect those under 12 who can’t get vaccinated. I’ve got news for you Asa as someone who lives in the state of Arkansas. Kiss my ass! It’s not your job to dominate and mask my children. It’s the parents choice on masks, and should have been from INCEPTION.

It’s sickening that the government is trying to mask children under the age of 12, who statistics show rarely get the virus, don’t spread it, and when they do get it they easily beat it. This is disgusting!

This isn’t about the children, this is about child abuse. Taking away a child’s ability to see facial expressions, talk to their friends, learn from their teachers, seeing smiles and emotions, this is sickening that any parent could agree with this kind of mental abuse to children.

Now it will take Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to take on this tyrannical judge, and Arkansas RINO governor to protect our children from yet another year of abuse by the liberal teachers unions and school boards.

Have you had enough yet America? This is coming to a state near you soon enough..

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Debbie Polak
Debbie Polak
1 year ago

We the people have spoken and we should be honored our request to use the cures that are available, if needed, for this strain. Children have parents! Parents should not be forced to abuse our children! Thus is absolutely wrong! How can ONE JUDGE DO THIS!!!