TYRANNY: Americans Arrested in California for Not Wearing Masks at Grocery Store (VIDEO)

So tyrannical news coming from our friend Elijah Riot from The Blaze, as multiple Americans have been arrested in California at a grocery store for not wearing their masks. An absolute violation of their constitutional rights and a violation of everything America stands for.

The following is from Elijah,

CALIFORNIA: Multiple people arrested for not wearing masks A few people decided to walk into the Mother’s grocery store in Costa Mesa without a mask The store manager then locked them in & called the police who came in & arrested them for being in public without a mask.

So now Americans are being arrested for not wearing masks? Meanwhile criminals with felonies are being let out of prison. If masks work so well, and social distancing works, then why are we letting prisoners out of prison America?

It’s never been about a mask, it’s about controlling you, spreading fear, and causing chaos to keep President Trump from being re-elected. Those are the facts that no one wants to talk about.

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