TYRANNICAL: Orlando Mayor Says No bars Can Open Until a Vaccine

The tyranny of America’s mayors and governors is at an all time high. They are limited certain industries while allowing others to thrive, and they’re going against everything that our founding fathers warned us about.

The following is from Orlando Weekly:

During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said that he couldn’t see how bars could reopen safely in Orlando until a vaccine for coronavirus is developed.

“I think bars are in one of the most difficult situation because, unlike a restaurant where you might go with your family and sit in a booth and be able to isolate or socially distance, when you go to a bar you’re going there to interact with people,” said Dyer. “You’re not going there to sit in a corner and drink your beer by yourself.”

Dyer defended restaurants and area theme parks and the social distancing and sanitizing protocols they have adopted, before dropping a very pessimistic prediction for bars in Orlando.

“I just don’t know how, until probably we have a vaccine, I’m not sure how we bring bars back,” said Dyer.

Though the Mayor’s office later clarified that the he was just speaking for himself in the interview and not issuing any official policy, this is just more bad news for local businesses trying to stay afloat during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

From bars to concert venues and breweries, the businesses in this once-vibrant sector of our local economy are struggling and facing an uncertain future.

Many local bar owners and workers assert they are are being unfairly singled out, with restaurants able to serve alcohol and remain open with no additional oversight.

If these small business are to remain closed until next year, economic assistance and grants are needed sooner than later.

You can read more from our friends at Orlando Weekly

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2 years ago

So the guy is gonna require anyone that wants to go to a bar or restaurant to be inoculated?

2 years ago

sounds like it’s time to open a speakeasy in Orlando…