Two Russian Strategic Bombers Entered South Korean Airspace: South Korea Scrambles F-16 Fighter Jets to Meet Them

In a story that you won’t hear in the American mainstream media, because they don’t cover the truth of what’s happening around the globe, two Russian long range strategic bombers entered South Korean airspace, forcing the South Korean Military to scramble F-16 Fighter Jets.

Back on August 24th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that on August 23rd, two Strategic bombers, Tu-95’s were on patrol in the Sea of Japan. They were escorted out by Russian Su-30SM Fighter Jets. The Russian spokesperson said during that patrol, South Korean F-16 Fighter Jets sortied them.

The South Korean Defense Department said they responded to Russian military aircraft entering South Korea’s Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ). The Republic of Korea Joint Staff Headquarters said they had taken normal tactical measures to deal with the unexpected situation.

Some analysts believe that the flight of Russian strategic bombers’ appearance over the East China Sea may attribute to the ROK-US joint military exercises. Previously, South Korea and the United States began a joint military exercise, Eunji Freedom Shield (UFS) the day before.

Thanks to NFSC News for contributing to this article.

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