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Two Boys Selling Lemonade ROBBED at Gunpoint in Illinois, Police Rally To Help Them

In more not so shocking news in the liberal hell hole known as Illinois, two young boys were robbed at gunpoint while selling lemonade in their neighborhood.

Jude and Tristan were selling lemonade in Peoria on Aug. 7 when they were approached by two men, one who was holding a gun, said Officer Amy Dotson of the Peoria Police Department.

The two boys are being identified by their first names only in an effort to protect their identities.

The men stole their cash box, which contained around $30, and fled on foot. The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made, according to police.

“The boys were just shocked, they couldn’t process what was happening until it was over,” Nathan Peterson, Jude’s father, told CNN. “I got a call from police saying, ”Hey, your kids are OK, but they just got robbed.’ I almost blacked out, I was just so scared I was trying to get there as fast as possible.”

But when he arrived at the scene, Peterson found something he didn’t expect.

Police officers had surrounded the lemonade stand, buying cups of lemonade and “paying maybe $20 each for it,” trying to make the kids feel safe again, he said.

“I was relieved,” Peterson said. “They created a very protective environment for the boys. This situation could have ended so badly, but somehow they helped turn what could have been a horrible experience into something beautiful.”

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Bonnie Kewitsch
Bonnie Kewitsch
6 months ago

I think it is great what the cops did that day for the 2 boys can you imagine how hard they work to sell those glasses of Kool-aid and then have 2 dumb Jerks come along and steal from 2 small kids and steal the box and the money & hold a gun on them what is this world coming to………..Thank you for what you did for those to boys your a great Police Force to Bad the “DEMON”RATS” OF AMERICAN & BLM CAN’T BRING THEMSELVES TO SEE THAT” I was a Foster Mom for 11 yrs and I will… Read more »

Cathy Ehlert
Cathy Ehlert
6 months ago

I think those Police were Awesome. It taught them that they can trust Police and respect for authority.

Terry Hilleary
Terry Hilleary
6 months ago

and this is what creepy joe and the ho wants. how could anyone with any morals vote for these two jokes.The police showed why they are police officers.Cause they love helping people.And they helped those two young men the way only a police officer would. I salute the officers

6 months ago

Another proud moment. U don’t see these things on tv, the propaganda issues create more atttendence.

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