On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris told Black Entertainment Television’s O’Brien that there are “380 laws that are being presented to deprive, in particular Black and Brown individuals’ access to voting.”  Harris denounced certain voter ID laws, stating that it is almost impossible for rural Americans to photocopy their ID using a copy machine.

Harris commented about voter ID laws, “I don’t think we should underestimate what that could mean, because in some people’s minds that means, well, you’re going to have xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove who you are.”

Unbelievably, Harris Continued, “There are a lot of people, especially those who live in rural communities, there is no Kinko’s, there’s not Office Max near them.  People have to understand that when we’re talking about voter ID laws be clear about who you have in mind and what would be required of them to prove who they are.”

At this point, Harris had already said too much.  Twitter lit up like a 12-foot Christmas tree with very critical remarks of her uneducated and unprofessional statements.  

Journalist Assad Hanna questioned in a tweet if Vice-President Harris had “ever been in a rural area.”  Radio show host Stacy Washington humorously tweeted, “Like most hicks in the sticks, we own a PRINTER!”

Jenny Garcia, a Texas congressional candidate, challenged Harris’ logic tweeting, “you have to prove who you are to buy a pack of cigarettes or a case of beer, but no need to prove who you are to vote.”

Senate Candidate Mark McCloskey, whom he and his wife came out of their house armed to discourage a mob of BLM protestors from trespassing, stated in his tweet, “I thought it was that Americans couldn’t get IDs to vote. Now they can’t even get a printer, apparently.”  He added that Harris’ claims represent “Bigotry of low expectations.” 

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel believed Harris’ statement was indicative of “how out-of-touch today’s Democrat party is.”

Senate candidate Jessica Taylor of Alabama said in her tweet, Kamala’s disdain for Alabama and rural America could not be more clear.  She’s so out of touch she probably doesn’t think we’ve got electricity and running water out here!  Shame on you, Kamala.  We need people in DC with Alabama values, not woke liberal costal elite values.

Many users, including former UFC fighter Nik Lentz, drew attention to the existence of smartphones.  Lentz sarcastically “Wished for a device that took pictures which everyone carries,” he said in his tweet.

In July, the Supreme Court upheld two Arizona voting laws.  Justice Samuel Alito, in the majority opinion, wrote that “mere inconvenience cannot be enough to demonstrate a violation” of the law, according to NBC.

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