Twitter takes away 7,000 people Matt Couch was following, then Jack gives them back in a matter of minutes


Good Tuesday Evening Patriots,

After getting many text messages from friends and colleagues saying I’d unfollowed them, I couldn’t do much about it as I was at the movies with my daughters. When I got home, I noticed I had went from 44.7K to 38.7K followers. I immediately tweeted Jack, CEO of Twitter with this tweet.

Within a matter of 3 minutes, they were all back after making this tweet to Jack. Here’s my follow up Tweet, I’ll give credit when it’s due. I always do!

I wasn’t alone in my Twitter battles today, Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida was having problems as well. Twitter was Shadow Banning his account. Now think about that folks. Shadow Banning a United States Congressman, and one of the strongest voices in the conservative movement. What will they try to do in November?

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