Twitter Suspends OAN White House Reporter

More censorship from Twitter this morning as Americans awake to the fact that the tech giant suspended the account of One America News White House reporter Chanel Rion.

Here are her three last tweets.

And this one where she took a shot at The slanderous New York Times, which she should.

The biggest threat to our Republic in 2020 isn’t illegal immigration or voter fraud. It’s being silenced America.

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Cliffy Wild
Cliffy Wild
2 years ago

Twitter needs to be government regulated, as they are a publisher, and DEFINITELY NOT A FAIR AND EQUAL PLATFORM. I was also suspended, for a week, for mentioning obama and quoting the US Constitution, in reference to the sentence for a Treason conviction. “Jack’s trained flying monkeys” said that I violated their terms of service, for saying that obama should be subject to the terms of the US Constitution, for a Treason conviction. They said that we are not allowed to hope that someone suffers. Okay, but what about skank Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head, designed to look… Read more »