Twitter Suspends My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell in Latest Censorship Attack Against Christian Conservatives

Big tech is completely out of control, and the Republicans in office are cowards and refuse to do anything about it. Hell, they won’t even speak about it. My Pillow CEO and Christian Conservative Mike Lindell was the latest victim on Monday night of Twitter’s Draconian ways.

Lindell, a born again Christian with his My Pillow USA company, is one of the greatest patriots you’ll ever meet. He loves his country, he loves Jesus, and if you’re blessed enough to spend a few minutes with him as I have been, you’ll realize he loves you too!

Twitter has been on the purge of purges banning President Donald J Trump, General Michael Flynn, Attorney’s Sidney Powell and Lin Wood just to name a few in the past month. Now they’ve went after Mike Lindell because he’s a Christian conservative who supports President Trump and knows what we all know. There is no way on God’s green earth that Joe Biden won this election.

Why did they suspend Lindell you might ask? Because he has a different opinion of things than they do. This is straight out of the Brown shirts and Black shirts playbook of Mussolini and Hitler, silence those that don’t agree with you to the degree they can’t be heard.

What we’re seeing with corporations and big tech controlling our politicians is out of control, and that’s what Lindell, myself, and others have been on the road fighting for. America, if you’re okay with this kind of censorship and the silencing of free speech, are you truly an American? Ask yourself that question, because we’re to the point of now asking it among our fellow Americans.

I spoke with Mike, and as retailers like Kohl’s, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and others have pulled his products from stores, he’s still pushing forward. He even gave me a promo code you can use. Use code HOPE77 and get a discount from him. I encourage you all to go to and support Mike. One things for sure, Mike will put his month where his mouth is. He will fight for conservative values, and he will fight for God first and America!

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RogerMoore 007
RogerMoore 007
1 year ago

Somebody please wack Twitter CEO. If he did this to Hillary he would be a goner.