Twitter Suspends Babylon Bee Account Over ‘False Information’ Not Realizing it’s a MASSIVE Parody Site

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing parody stories here at The DC Patriot. This unfortunately is not one of them as Twitter’s reign of big tech terror tried to continue on Monday.

Twitter apparently suspended huge conservative parody account and website The Babylon Bee for spreading “false information.”

I don’t know the full scoop yet, but it looks as though Twitter Suspended The Babylon Bee’s Twitter account for distributing false information, and just now reinstated it because they were too ignorant to realize this was one of the biggest parody sites in America..

Within about 30 minutes it looks as though someone from the Bee’s legal team made some phone calls, or Twitter realized just how ignorant that they look right now and reinstated the account.

We’re getting to a point where the blatant conservative censorship is at a level you can’t even make up anymore. They aren’t even trying to hide it, they’re slamming conservatives.

One of the largest pro Trump media personalities Bill Mitchell was suspended over the weekend by Twitter for using his companies account while his was serving a 7 day suspension.

Name the last time you saw a liberal influencer suspended on Twitter?

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Susan Dunn Cobb
1 year ago

My sarcasm has apparently kept me out of fb jail and twitter time outs. I recently learned AI can’t comprehend it. Parody is even more fun. I guess they just don’t have a sense of humor, eh?