Twitter Suspends Account Showing Rachel Maddow Crying

Twitter censorship is still alive and well against conservatives on the social media giant.

The Twitter account @kbq2251 was suspended for posting the video below. The video didn’t violate any of Twitter’s policies. So why was the account suspended?

It appears that social media giants would like to play the role of feelings police instead of facts police.

Even President Trump’s son Don Trump Jr. questioned Twitter on why the account was suspended.

Not a smart move by Twitter’s tech’s considering they are being sued for conservative censorship by congressman Devin Nunes.

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Q'ess Sadie (@ReadingsbySadie)

Well personally, I think Rachel wasn’t crying. She was choking… on her chicken. :)~

Lisa Lutz
Lisa Lutz
3 years ago

I’m still constantly being censored.