Twitter Suspends 10,000 Accounts for Sowing Political Discord

Twitter has announced that it has suspended another 10,000 accounts from its platform accused of sowing political discord across the globe.

TechCrunch reports that Twitter has deleted another 10,112 accounts across six countries that the company believes spreading misinformation and encouraging political unrest in countries with sensitive political climates.

Twitter removed more than 4,000 accounts in the United Arab Emirates and China, over 1,000 in Equador, and 259 in Spain.

The full data trove of accounts has been posted for researchers to go through, the entire archive is comprised of millions of tweets reaching one terabyte in size.

The latest account removals mark a year of Twitter’s efforts identify and remove accounts that spread political misinformation in attempts to change public sentiment, an issue that has a wide-ranging impact past social media and can actually influence democratic processes such as election and referendum voting.

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Sheryll Lisa Post
Sheryll Lisa Post
2 years ago

Well, well, well…seems the left can’t take what they dish out. The right is taking moves from their playbook and they’re freaking out. Adolf Hitler is alive and well and head of the Democrat party.