Twitter Revokes Verification of Veteran Journalist Liz Crokin over calling out Hollywood Elite on Pedophilia


Twitter has revoked the Verification of Liz Crokin, a Veteran Conservative Journalist who’s been taking the fight to Corrupt Elite Politician’s and Hollywood Elite who harm and harass Children. Liz Crokin, a Veteran Journalist with experiences at The Chicago Tribune, National Inquirer, among other notables is definitely verifiable.

The fact that Twitter considers to only censor Conservative voices in the media is staggering. When will a massive class action Lawsuit be brought against the likes of liberally ran Twitter and Facebook? A Storm is coming alright, and it’s in the name of Class Action Lawsuit.

Raw Story put out an amazing article on what happened to Liz Crokin, you can read about it all by clicking here

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Alecia Vaught
Alecia Vaught
4 years ago

I’m behind you 100% Liz Corkin! I love you for the work you do and the VOICES you give to our CHILDREN! GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU SAFE!! Twitter, you might as well have called up the American People and said LOOK OVER HERE because that’s exactly what you say when you censor us. #WeWontBeSilent

Jennifer Cannon
4 years ago

Calling this unbalanced nutjob a journalist is really stretching it.