Twitter Pulls Tweet From Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter ‘Glorifying Violence’ Against Sen Rand Paul #CoronaVirus

Twitter has locked the account of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter after she made a horrific tweet cheering on the fact that Senator Rand Paul had contracted the Coronavirus.

Twitter deleted the following Tweet from Christine Pelosi.

“Rand Paul’s neighbor was right”

After Paul said that his biggest personal concern was not getting this virus because his wife has MS. Now he can’t see her for almost two weeks. That means he wants to be there for his wife, what a monster she truly is mocking that.

“The account owner was temporarily locked out for violating the Twitter rules against glorification of violence,” a Twitter spokesperson told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

Christine Pelosi tweeted Sunday that the man who allegedly attacked the Kentucky senator in 2018 was “right” for doing so.

Pelosi was reacting to news that Paul had been in contact with members of Congress after being tested for the coronavirus but before he got his test results. He ultimately tested positive.

Twitter rules state, “You can’t glorify, celebrate, praise or condone violent crimes, violent events where people were targeted because of their membership in a protected group, or the perpetrators of such acts.”

You can read more from our friends at The Washington Examiner.

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