Twitter DELETES Trump Campaign Video on Biden LOCKS the Official Trump Campaign Twitter Account!

The Censorship is out of control, and for those of you that have been following me long enough on social media, you know I said this was coming for the last two years. I told each and every one of you that the #1 threat facing President Trump winning re-election is big tech censorship. And here it is.

The video believes that Twitter blocked is one from the Trump campaign on the New York Post’s bombshell on Hunter Biden’s laptop, emails, pictures, and Joe Biden’s ties to helping his son make money in the Ukraine that he lied about, saying it didn’t happen.

So putting out facts from a New York Post story is now against the rules? Big Tech is blatantly censoring one side of the political aisle in order to rig an election and to help Joe Biden. This is absolutely absurd.

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