In an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former Hawaii Democrat Representative Tulsi Gabbard accused the Biden administration of risking Americans’ safety for the benefit of Ukraine, arguing the White House’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning in Ukraine), was endangering U.S. citizens.​

Gabbard told Tucker, “They are so focused on how do we punish Putin that they don’t care and are not focused on what is actually in the interests of the American people.”

The Biden administration imposed the first part of its sanctions against Russia for its invasion of two eastern Ukrainian provinces on Tuesday. After the invasion advanced into an all-out attack on Ukraine, Americans were waiting to hear from the president, but a response from the White House was that he would be addressing the situation on Thursday.

Gabbard continued, “So, when Biden stands there and looks directly into the camera and says, you know, ‘Defending freedom will cost us,’ what he really should be saying is, and looking directly into the American people’s eyes and saying these sanctions will cost you.” She added, “it is the people who will suffer.”

Gabbard also warned that escalating tensions between the two countries, both the U.S. and Russia are nuclear-armed countries. This could have disastrous consequences, first warning of “cyber-attacks” on critical infrastructure and financial systems before raising the possibility of nuclear conflict.

“If there is a nuclear attack, the power elite, these people are going to go hide in their bunkers,” Gabbard said. “You and I and the American people, we will be left to deal with the consequences, to suffer and deal with that destruction and death that will come as a result.”

Her comments to Tucker were basically the same as a Twitter post she made Wednesday as follows, “Biden/Harris tell us we must bear the cost to defend freedom in Ukraine. But while you and your family struggle with higher prices, the Power Elite won’t suffer at all. And if the conflict goes nuclear, they’ll be safe in cushy, massive bunkers while you and your loved one’s fry.”

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