Tucker: You’re Either ‘Sophisticated’ or a ‘Superspreader’ According to the Left

Tucker Carlson breaks down the latest media Hypocrisy as Sturgis kicked off this week in South Dakota.

That’s right, the media darlings are warning that Strugis is going to be a “superspreader” event like last year. But wait, it wasn’t. As Tucker kindly kills the left yet again with these pesky things known as facts.

“There’s a global pandemic out there, you may have heard about it. The CDC tells us that the so called Delta Variant is so dangerous that we can no longer have civil liberties in America. Private Property rights have been suspended, happened last week. Our children must wear masks at school, AGAIN. We should not be allowed to go to dinner, fly on airplanes, have a job without first displaying our new vaccine passport. And Barack Obama supports all of that. He’s for all the restriction. But that doesn’t mean he wants to live under those restrictions.”

Tucker then gets onto Biden’s birthday bash this past week.

So on Saturday, Obama’s guests did not have to show their papers to get into the party. Unlike CNN’s employees they didn’t have to prove they were vaccinated. Unlike your kids they didn’t have to wear masks. It was like 2019 at Barack Obama’s house. Like the whole pandemic thing never happened. The real question is does Tony Fauci know this? And if so he is okay with it? That’s a pressing public health question so today we called him Tony Fauci to find out. Unfortunately he was not free to do the show, he was too busy, he’s a scientist and he’s not into publicity, he was tied up doing another photo shoot for Teen Vogue, our loss.”

Yes, this is how insane America has gotten under the CDC and Biden rule. We know what you’re thinking, how is the CDC making laws. We don’t know, we can’t find it in the United States Constitution either.

Tucker then turns his attention to Sturgis, where the media is pushing the superspreader nonsense. Tucker reports that as it turns out out of almost 500,000 people at Sturgis in 2020, only 0.1% ended up with Covid, so no, it wasn’t a superspreader event.

Fauci however was still spreading and slinging his propaganda.

“Well I’m very concerned Chuck that we’re going to see another surge related to that rally. To me it’s understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to do, they want their freedoms to do that. But there comes a time when you’re dealing with a public health crisis when your dealing with you, your family, and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do.”

No Dr. Fauci, your fear doesn’t trump our freedom as Americans. We’ve had enough.

It’s simply amazing how Tony Fauci has nothing to say about Obama’s birthday bash, or Lollapalooza with hundreds of thousands in Chicago, he said nothing about those events hosted by liberals.

Tucker: “Can you imagine riding a motorcycle outside with no mask on, reckless freaks. Killing the rest of us, you’d think they’d learn. That’s the advice of Dr. Don Lemon. “

Tucker continued.

“Since this is a news program, we should remind you that there was actually no Covid outbreak at Sturgis last year. But somehow no one has told cable news, they’re completely convinced it was a superspreader event. Go to CNN’s website right now and you will find a very lengthy piece with this headline, and we’re quoting ‘South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: A ‘Cautionary Tale’ in the age of Covid-19.” Tucker laughs hysterically at the hypocrisy of CNN.

Watch this amazing breakdown form Tucker below!

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